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How To Get Gold Loan: Gold Loan Kaise Milta Hai | How To Get Gold Loan From Sbi Bank in 2021

In this post we are going to discuss Gold Loan, gold is everywhere in our homes. We believe that gold is useful only in bad times, but sometimes we do not think about it and we are not able to pay the EMI of Personal Loan, Credit Card on time and these are the loans which are Personal Loan or Credit

How To Get Gold Loan: Gold Loan Kaise Milta Hai | How To Get Gold Loan From Sbi Bank in 2021
How To Get Gold Loan

Card loans are very expensive as compared to gold loans, now if we can take a loan against our gold. A home loan is the best cheapest loan. If you need a personal loan, then you can get a Gold Loan.
We are going to discuss with you in this post that how to get a gold loan.

SBI Personal Gold Loan – How To Get Gold Loan From Sbi Bank – 2021

  • 1) Minimum gold Loan Amount Rs. 20,000
  • 2) Maximum gold Loan Amount Rs. 50 Lakh
  • 3) Interest Rate 7.50% onwards (per annum)
  • 4) Age Criteria Min. 18 years and Max. 70 years
  • 5) Gold Items accepted Gold ornaments verified for quality and
  • quantity
  • 6) Loan Tenure Up to 36 months
  • 7) SBI Gold Loan Processing Charges Nil if applied through YONO
  • 0.25% + GST | Min. Rs. 250 + GST
How To Get Gold Loan: Gold Loan Kaise Milta Hai | How To Get Gold Loan From Sbi Bank in 2021
How To Get Gold Loan

Benefits Of Taking A Gold Loan 2021

So let’s discuss what are the benefits of taking a gold loan in 2021, what is the main time to take a gold loan. If you want money for the short term, I mean you want money for a short period of 1 year or 2 years, then you must take a gold loan.
There is one advantage is that your credit score is always low, if your credit score has decreased due to some reason, then you will still get the Gold Loan.

Interest Rate For Gold Loan In 2021

Gold loan’s interest rate is so much less to compare the personal loans and credit card loans. A personal loan and a credit card loan are the most expensive.
Now if we talk about the interest rate of Gold loans, then the bank gives you 2.6% interest for a gold loan. In NBFC, you get 5-10% more interest as compared to the bank.

SBI Gold Loan Interest Rate in 2021

SBI Gold Loan interest rate schemes are given below –
  • 1) SBI Gold Loan Schemes – Gold Loan,  1 Year MCLR -7.00%, Spread – 0.50%,  Effective Interest Rate – 7.50% onwards per annum
  • 2) SBI Gold Loan Schemes – Gold Loan Only for SBI Housing Loan Customers 7.00%, 1 Year MCLR – 0.30%,  Effective Interest Rate – 7.30% onwards per annum

Processing Fee for  Gold Loan

  • 1) There was a different processing fee in every bank. Your processing fee is 0.5% – 1% is applicable to your loan amount.


  • 1)  You may get from 3 months to 4 years.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 1) You must be 18+
  • 2) Whether you will be able to repay the loan on time or not

Loan Amount

  • 1) Your gold should be 18 to 24 karat only
  • 2) Making & Impurity Charges are deducted
  • 3) Loan To Value Ratio – Max. 75%
  • 4) Maximum Loan – 50-60 %
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1) How much time does it take to process a gold loan application?
Answer:- You can expect quick processing.
2) What charges will I incur when taking a gold loan from SBI?
Answer:- You will have to pay the processing fee and a gold appraiser’s fee.
3) Will I get any acknowledgment letter at the time of disbursement?
Answer:- Yes, you will get a delivery letter indicating the number of gold ornaments, their weight, purity, and other relevant details. After that, they will be required at the time of account closure.
4) Can I get some of the jewelry back if I make a partial payment?
Answer:- Your gold jewelry will be returned to you once you have paid back the full amount.
5) Do I require a co-applicant in order to get the SBI Gold Loan?
Answer:- No, a co-applicant is not required in order to secure an SBI Gold Loan.


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