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How To Make Money Fast As A Kid Easy | How To Make Money As A 12 Year Old Online

When I was a teenager as a kid or 12 years old, all I could think about was how to make money online as a kid and become a millionaire from my own room. It turns out that making money online is very difficult and not as easy to earn money online. But once I learned a few best ways to make money, then it’s easy to earn money. It helps you to speed up your process of making money online. I put the best ways a kid can learn to make money online.

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid Easy 

It’s doesn’t mean that you’re young and you can’t start earning money. You can find some fast ways to make money as a kid below. If you want to learn how to earn money in childhood kid, then these methods are going to help you.

In these ways, you will know 100x the best ways to make money. So, if you want to earn money as a kid then this is the best place for you. So, let’s start –

How To Make Money Kids

There are 5 best ways to make money for kids. You can earn money easily with this process and you do something with your money.

  • 1) Online Surveys
  • 2) Gaming Accounts Selling
  • 3) Babysitting
  • 4) Modeling
  • 5) Computer Work

  • 1) Online Surveys

In today’s time’s there are many markets, all of the companies are frequently doing their surveys related to children’s games, snacks, clothes, toys, and other kid-related products. If your children know how to sing a song then your children participate in several online survey programs as a kid, and then your kids may find more opportunities to earn money as a kid by filling out surveys.

You can visit the MoolaDays website for most online surveys pay anywhere from $1 to $20 and you can earn money easily by doing online surveys.

  • 2) Gaming Accounts Selling

In today’s time, online gaming is playing everywhere and everyone wants a high-level account for playing the best game. So, if your child is in advanced multiplayer like “PUBG” online games, then she can make money by selling online gaming accounts.

Many fans who want to play online games like “World of Warcraft” or “Lord of the Rings Online” will buy your high levels gaming accounts. A high-level gaming account like the “World of Warcraft” sells up to $200.

  • 3) Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the best jobs for kids to make money because it’s the oldest and most popular job for teenagers. If you want to do this then first you need to take classes at a local school or college that can help learn how to care for a newborn baby.

Many parents are so busy doing work and then they don’t care her baby, so they want someone who takes care of her baby. If you want more jobs then you can put an ad in the local paper and guaranteed to get called for a job for babysitting.

  • 4) Modeling

Modeling is the best high-paying job for kids. From magazines to billboards to promotional materials, child models appear in many places. Modeling, like acting, is high a demanding venture for kids and parents. If the child isn’t lucky to win a mail-in modeling contest, then parents will spend a lot of time sending professional headshots to modeling agencies.

Once an agency accepts a child as a client, finding a modeling job can still take longer than most people would like to devote to it. Kids who do land modeling positions can make good money with free clothes, toys, or other modeling items as well.

  • 5) Computer Work

In this digital world computer work or computer, knowledge is most important. So, children who have a high level of skill in coding or graphic design can find more work by a fiver or another way. Some of the children are taken to computers easily and even teach themselves tasks that businesses are willing to pay for.

Children can start out offering services to clients, friends. It provides you more experience and helps build a portfolio to present to potential clients. The kids should set up a webpage with links to live work for others online. Computer programming and graphic design can find more ways to earn money as a kid and you can make money easily by offering services to clients.

How Can A Kid Make Money

There were more ways to make money as a kid. Now you are young so you don’t stay home without doing anything. that means you need to know how to earn money both online or offline. There are some best ways for you if you learn very well then you can make money as a kid. So. let’s start –

First, we discuss with you some offline ways to make money –

  • 1) Yard Sale:-  Your kids help you with their old clothes, shoes, and toys is the best way to help your kid make money because if they sell their clothes, shoes, and toys, they get more money.
  • 2) Pet Sitting and Dog Walking:-  In today’s time Pets are also our family members and we treat them as a member. So, caring for them is a top priority for us. When the owner has gone somewhere on vacation then it’s so difficult to attend to pets. Then the owner hires someone to give attention to them and Owners may need help with taking their dogs out for regular walks or checking in on them while they are away. So, in this process, you can earn more money as a kid.
  • 3) Cars Wash:- If your child is now younger, then they can get the offer to wash the car in neighbor and they charge you and you also earn money. Once you are older for them then you can get a daily work permit, and they also hire you to wash their cars and you earn more money so fast as a kid.
  • 4) Selling T-Shirts:- In today’s time T-shirts, selling is so easier. Because today you don’t need a graphic designer and a screen printer to design a t-shirt. There are plenty of websites online for creating your own t-shirts, marketing them, and selling them such as Shopify, Teespring, CafePress, and more.

How To Make Money As A Kid Online Fast

In today’s time, you will find everything is online because now is a digital world. So, If the child is like more digitally survey, then they have more ways to make money online instead. If parents are supporting them then they easily make money online. So, let me know some online ways to earn money as a kid.

  • 1)  Online Surveys:- There are many markets in today’s time, all the companies are often doing their survey related to kids games, snacks, clothes, toys, and other kids-related products. Your children participate in many online survey programs in childhood if they know how to sing, and then your children may have more opportunities to earn money as a child by filling out surveys.

You can visit the MoolaDays website to pay for most online surveys ranging from $1 to $20 and you can easily make money by doing online surveys.

  • 2) Creat YouTube videos:-  Our kids are like technology in today’s time, right? Don’t worry we have a way to make money. In today youtube is the second-largest platform online where every second more video is uploaded. So, YouTube is a platform where you can make money online by creat and upload your video. 
  • A lot of kids have been creating their videos specifically for YouTube to get the point of making money. Kids can be product testers and make videos of them for testing different companies’ products. Even kids monetize their youtube videos and make more money online fast.
  • 3) Streaming:-   Streaming is the best way to make money fast online. If kids have the best gaming experience then they can online games on Youtube or Facebook. If you are streaming then you will get more super chat. Super Chat is a bundle of money, like 100, 200, 500, 1000, etc. So, in this way kids are making more money by streaming.
  • 4) Make money with Start a blog;-  If your child loves to write, then they can starting a blog on google or other platforms. At the point when your blog is viral and gets more organic traffic then you can monetization your blog with Google AdSense or other companies. then you will get more money from them. But the blog is a long-term process, so kids need to have more patience in this way.


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